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Humans and Wine comes a long way, they started their affair thousands of years ago.  The probability exists that suffering from a “hangover” exists from pre-historic times.

The whole concept of fermenting might have happened by accident, but after the accident, it was perfected through the ages because of the love of wine and the effect it has on humans and animals alike.

The problem in Ancient times was how to get wine from here to there and everywhere because there was a demand for wine.  Not all areas could grow their own grapes, or make their own wine; they needed to get it from somewhere else.

And that might be just where the saying. “Necessity is the mother of invention”, had its origin.  Transporting wine to sell or trade was a quite tricky task.  But it was done.  In some instances, it was floated down rivers on boats or rafts.  This was the first verifiable act of commercializing the wine trade

Lucky for most people today, buying your wine is as easy as a quick visit to the liquor store or the local grocer.  Wineries are found in many countries and you can visit and buy their unique brands at the farm.

And now buying or ordering your favourite wines, which might be exclusively available in some instances, is as easy as clicking on a link from your special wine’s home page and shop to your heart’s content.