How To Choose Wine For Your Wine Party Guests

When you are having people over for a wine party, you should consider the fact that their tastes in wine and food will differ.  Choosing your wine, you should keep that in mind.  However, if your wine party has in mind some type of wine tasting, your guests will expect to taste something that is new to them.

Tips on Choosing Wine for a Wine Party:

  1. Search for a readily available wine: It will do no good if you decide on a wine that is out of stock or not available in the numbers you need.  It will become bothersome if you have to wait for stock of go from shop to shop to buy enough.  It might also become rather expensive.
  2. Some guests drink only red wine and others only white: You should cater to both tastes.  Choose wines that are popular at the moment in both red and white.  Avoid buying the not so popular types.
  3. Sample the wines you choose: Before you buy bulk, taste the wine first.  Guests mostly look forward to drinking something simple, but tasty.  If you are going to have more exclusive wines to taste, simple and tasty, will be good for before and after the tasting.
  4. Look out for Sales or Special Priced Wine: Because you are going to buy bulk, you might want to look into wines that will not be so expensive.  Remember the taste before buy.
  5. What to serve guests on Arrival? A Sparkling wine will give flair to any gathering and it is great paired with the obvious salty snacks you serve at the beginning of an event.
  6. Ending the Party in Style: You can end anything with a sweet full flavour, like you would do a meal, ending in dessert.  A Sherry or Port will do fine.

Do not run out of wine.  Always have an extra bottle or two at hand.  Rather buy too much than too little.  Wine does not go bad for any length of time.  Some wines will even get better with time.