How To Choose Wine For Your Wine Party Guests

When you are having people over for a wine party, you should consider the fact that their tastes in wine and food will differ.  Choosing your wine, you should keep that in mind.  However, if your wine party has in mind some type of wine tasting, your guests will expect to taste something that is new to them.

Tips on Choosing Wine for a Wine Party:

  1. Search for a readily available wine: It will do no good if you decide on a wine that is out of stock or not available in the numbers you need.  It will become bothersome if you have to wait for stock of go from shop to shop to buy enough.  It might also become rather expensive.
  2. Some guests drink only red wine and others only white: You should cater to both tastes.  Choose wines that are popular at the moment in both red and white.  Avoid buying the not so popular types.
  3. Sample the wines you choose: Before you buy bulk, taste the wine first.  Guests mostly look forward to drinking something simple, but tasty.  If you are going to have more exclusive wines to taste, simple and tasty, will be good for before and after the tasting.
  4. Look out for Sales or Special Priced Wine: Because you are going to buy bulk, you might want to look into wines that will not be so expensive.  Remember the taste before buy.
  5. What to serve guests on Arrival? A Sparkling wine will give flair to any gathering and it is great paired with the obvious salty snacks you serve at the beginning of an event.
  6. Ending the Party in Style: You can end anything with a sweet full flavour, like you would do a meal, ending in dessert.  A Sherry or Port will do fine.

Do not run out of wine.  Always have an extra bottle or two at hand.  Rather buy too much than too little.  Wine does not go bad for any length of time.  Some wines will even get better with time.

How To Choose A Wine For Different Dishes

The history of wine and food going together has a long history.  In early days, wine was actually seen as a dietary staple.  It was more often drank than water, because of being more sanitary than the water supply.  Without giving it much thought, whatever wine was available were drunk with the food being served.

Pairing food and wine is a rather new phenomenon.  The main goal of the pairing will be that both wine and food interact with each other to enhance the enjoyment of a meal and the dining experience.

Which Wines go well with Which Foods?

  1. Light Dry White: Goes well with green and roasted vegetables and fish dishes.  Wines will be Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, etc.
  2. Sweet White: Serve with soft cheese, cured, smoked meat, bread and desserts.  Wines include Riesling, Chenin Blanc, Moscato, etc.
  3. Rich White: Pair with rich fish and white meat, also with roasted vegetables.  Rich white wines are Chardonnay, Oaked Whites and Viognier.
  4. Sparkling Wine: Celebrate with green vegetables, soft cheese, hard cheese, bread and fish.  Examples of sparkling wine are Champagne, Prosecco, etc.
  5. Light Red: Will go well with roasted vegetables, white meat and rich fish.  Light red wines include Pinot Noir, Grenache, Pinotage, etc.
  6. Medium Red: This wine will Go well with hard cheese, white and red meat, as well as with cured and smoked meat.  Examples of Medium Red wine are Merlot, Cab Franc, etc.
  7. Big Red: Serve with hard cheese, red meat and cured and smoked meat. Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Zinfandel, etc. are all examples of big red wine.
  8. Dessert Wine: Serve with soft cheese, cured and smoked meat and desserts.  These wines include Port, Sherry, Late Harvest, etc.

There are foods that are difficult to pair with a specific wine.  You should always consider the weight and the style of the wine you pick to match whatever food is on the plate.  You do not always have to worry about the colour of the meat, for instance, white match with a light coloured wine and the opposite for red meat with red wine, think about the whole dish before pairing.

When you pair wine and food, the choices lay with you and what you feel goes well with the food you are serving.  Use the wine pairing charts as a pointer and then play with combinations until you find the ones you like best.

How Does Alcohol Interact With Cannabis?

Alcohol and Cannabis are both psychoactive substances, but they are very much different in the effect they have on the brain.  Cannabis acts on the brain’s receptors, causing intense cognitive effects such as a distorted sense of time, paranoia, attention deficit, etc.  Alcohol depresses the nervous system in so much that it hampers your motor skills.

You might then come to the conclusion that when used together the two different effects will combine?  But, neurochemistry is much more complicated than just combining effects.

Alcohol and Cannabis Interaction:

The different effects these substances have on the brain do combine when used together and it can amplify those effects considerably in some instances.

  1. Using Cannabis before drinking Alcohol: Cannabis slows the gastric track’s function, which in turn then slows the absorption of the alcohol.  Studies showed that blood alcohol levels cannot be trusted when you consume alcohol after the use of cannabis.  It showed that it can take twice as long, and therefore twice as much alcohol, to reach the maximum blood alcohol level.

This might sound impressive, but as with all things, too much of a good thing can turn around to be not so good.  Again, combined, there might be an enhanced high but then followed by an enhanced low.  Also, the effects each substance has can work against each other when the body needs to activate its line of defence in the case of overindulgence of either substance.

  1. Drinking Alcohol before using Cannabis: Alcohol opens up the blood vessels inside the gastric track which make absorption more efficient.  Therefore, when you drink first and then use cannabis, there will be twice the amount of cannabis in your bloodstream, than someone that did not have a drink of alcohol.

In some instances, the effects of both substances used together can amplify their effects.  But this works only to a certain point, when you overdo anything, there will be consequences like nausea, vomiting or the urge to lie down.

Alcohol and Cannabis can mix well together, but as said before, anything done to the extreme can become not so good.  Be sensible about the quantities you do ingest and do not go overboard.